SPIED: 2018 Audi Q8 and Interior caught testing

So far, we’ve seen a lot of the Audi Q8 in concept form. In the concepts we’ve seen, the Q8 has stunning looks and a very high-tech cabin. However, what we’ve seen has only been in concept form and we weren’t expecting it to be as bold looking when it finally reaches production. However, I think we might be delightfully surprised by the Audi Q8, judging from these new spy photos that have surfaced. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen at Autoblog)

From the outside, it still has that sort of four-door-Audi-Quattro look, that harkens back to the old-school rally racer from the ’80s. It takes the new Marc Lichte-inspired front end from the Audi Prologue concept, as well as the upcoming Audi A8, and mates that with a coupe-like SUV body. That makes it look almost like a large hot hatch and very similar to the original Audi Quattro. It seems to work, in terms or proportions, as it looks sporty, aggressive and dynamic.

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Audi Q8 Sport Concept

The model we’re looking at could be some sort of performance model, such as an Audi SQ8, as it looks really low, with almost no wheel gap and that’s odd for an SUV. It also seems to be sitting on sportier looking wheels than a typical Audi SUV. However, it could just be that the standard Q8 is a lot sportier than something like a Q7.

More importantly, though, we get to see some glimpses into the cabin of the Q8 here. Inside the Audi Q8 Concept, touchscreens and haptic buttons adorned the center console and dashboard. It was a high-tech screen-fest inside. While it looks great, we didn’t expect the production car to be that techy. However, the inside of this test car seems to be techier than we thought.

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Audi Q8 Sport Concept Interior

Rather than have the traditional suite of HVAC and Audi Drive Select buttons on the center stack, the Q8 has a touchscreen that seems to control everything. It also looks really well thought out and easy to see and use. There’s also an MMI screen on the dash and the two will likely work in tandem. We’re wondering how it will also work with the optional Virtual Cockpit, although this car doesn’t seem to have it. I wonder how having two screens with two different means of interaction (one touchscreen and one with physical controls) will work together, as other automakers have attempted this and it hasn’t worked out well. Though, Audi is known for its superb ergonomics and intuitive controls, so we’re betting it works well.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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