SPIED: 2018 Audi Q3 caught testing in heavy camo

This current-gen Audi Q3 is probably the weakest link in Audi’s lineup. While most of Audi’s current cars are quite good, the Q3 simply isn’t. It’s slow, boring and uninspired to drive. It’s also old, being based on the MKVI Volkswagen Golf platform. So it’s in dire need of replacement, more so than any other four-ringed car. Thankfully, the folks in Ingolstadt are currently hard at work on a new Q3 and it’s just been caught testing in Germany, wearing heavy camouflage. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Soon to be based on Audi’s MQB platform, the new Audi Q3 should be significantly improved over the car it replaces. It will be lighter, stiffer, more dynamic and far more high-tech. All of those improvements are paramount, as the current Q3 is sloppy, dimwitted and downright low-rent by modern standards. It has not aged well in America, as we didn’t even get the Q3 until it was already halfway through its life-cycle.

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In these photos, we can see that the new Q3 will take on a bit of styling from its older sibling, the Audi Q5. The roofline is less tapered off than the current Q3’s and it looks bigger, more mature and likely more practical. It also seems very much like a Q5, which is a good thing. At the front, it gets the new corporate Audi styling. So the grille has grown and the headlights have become more angular. The latter of which differ from those on other Audi models but not by much. Out back, it gets wider, slimmer taillights than the current car, more akin to the Q5’s and they look much better. What we’re hoping the Q3 doesn’t get are that car’s fake exhaust openings, which are maddening.

As far as looks go, the new Audi Q3 will be an improvement over the outgoing car. It might not be a massive improvement but we’ll take anything at this point.

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