SPIED: 2018 Audi A8 Caught testing with heavy camouflage

Audi faces quite the uphill battle in the full-size luxury car market, as both Mercedes-Benz and BMW offer some of the best luxury you can buy for the money in that segment. In fact, both the S Class and 7 Series offer luxury and technology that would make some Bentleys nervous. By comparison, the current-gen Audi A8 looks positively old-fashioned. It looks great and is wonderful in isolation, but when side-by-side with its newer rivals, it looks severely dated because it is.

However, Audi is hard at work at developing a successor to the A8 and one that will be able to take top trumps in the segment. Autoblog was able to get some spy shots of Audi’s latest work caught driving around with heavy camouflage on. We don’t have the spy photos ourselves, but you can see them here.

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2018 Audi A8 render
2018 Audi A8 render

We can actually make out quite a bit of the new design in the front end of the new A8, but not too much else after that. The front borrows heavily from the Audi Prologue concept which debuted in 2015, which is to be expected, and actually looks quite similar to this render shown above. The new headlights are much sharper and feature a much more angular design than current Audis. The grille is also massive, making the new Audi Q7’s looks downright small. In fact, it’s so big that it envelopes almost the entire front end of the car. It’s possibly the widest grille on the market.

After that, we can see that the side mirrors have moved down onto the door sill, rather than on the A-pillar, to reduce wind noise in the cabin, something that works very well on the new Audi A4. The taillights are pretty visible in these photos and feature and LED design, but it’s pretty tame from what we can tell at the moment. That’s all we can tell at the moment, but it does look promising.

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Audi Prologue concept
Audi Prologue concept

However, looks aren’t the only place where the A8 needs to improve. The new Audi A8 is said to be coming with some impressive new technology, including advanced autonomous capabilities which Audi claims will lead the segment and maybe even the industry. There could also be a possible ultra-luxurious range-topping variant that competes with the Mercedes-Maybach S600.

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