Some Audi models with EA189 diesel engines could go through hardware changes

According to a report issued by Automotive News Europe, some of those 2.1 million diesel Audis could suffer a hardware modification as well.

Out of a total of around 11 million VAG cars, 2.1 million of them are Audis and all of them will be going through a “service procedure” in the near future to fix the problems of the Euro 5-compliant EA189 engine which has a special software meant to trick emissions tests. In some cases, it will take more than just a quick software revision as some of the cars will also get some hardware modifications.

It will all depend on the car’s type of pollution control system as some have the “lean NOx traps” setup while the newer vehicles are equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction. The bad news is some industry analysts are estimating the cars will lose some of the performance after these tweaks will be made and in some cars fuel consumption and emissions will go up.

We will know for sure about what sort of changes these cars will go through later this month as the Volkswagen Group has announced the solution to fix these 11M cars will be disclosed in October. We remind you that about 2 million of these cars come with engines built by Audi at its factory in Gyor, Hungary.

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