Snag some great holiday gifts for the Audi enthusiast in your life

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in America, with Turkey Day being tomorrow, and it’s one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is Thanksgiving a holiday that literally consists of stuffing our fat American faces with turkey and stuffing while watching football, drinking beer and arguing with our crazy relatives, but it’s also the kick-off for holiday season. The day after Thanksgiving is one that some Americans value even more, sadly enough. That’s Black Friday, the day when everything is discounted, allowing us to trample one another for gifts on the day after we were supposed to be celebrating what we’re most thankful for. Jokes aside, Black Friday is actually the beginning of the holiday shopping season and you’re likely going to be looking to buy gifts for family and friends. If you have an Audi fan in your life, or even a just a car enthusiast in general, we’ve put together a list of gifts that he/she might like.

DNA Collectibles Audi 200 Avant 20V Quattro and Audi S4 1:43 Scale Models

We actually featured this on our site a few months back. DNA Collectibles is a new Switzerland-based start-up company specializing in extremely high-detail scale model cars. One of their first models was the Audi 200 Avant 20V Quattro and they recently sent us one to check it out. After having giving it a closer look, the first thing I thought was that it seems to be an excellent gift idea for an Audi fan. And it is. It comes really well packaged and displays really nicely. It’s an odd choice of car, honestly, but the true Audi fan will appreciate the obscure choice and enjoy having it on their desk. Now, though, they also offer a B5-generation Audi S4 in Nogaro Blue, which is awesome and perfect for the Audi fan in your life. Making them even better, both are 50% off on Black Friday. (Link: DNA Collectibles)

Vincero Watches


Car enthusiasts are typically also watch enthusiasts. There’s something about the two that just go together so well. However, it’s really hard to find a nice, high-quality dress watch for what most enthusiasts can afford. The average car enthusiast isn’t buying a brand new Audi S4, they’re buying an old B5 Audi S4. So they likely don’t have a few thousand dollars to drop on something as trivial as a watch. That’s where Vincero comes in. You might have seen Vincero watches on The Smoking Tire and they make some really nice watches for the money. Designed and assembled in California, Vincero is an American company, which is nice to see, as most decent watches are not. They also use Seiko/Citizen Miyota quartz movement, which might not be exotic but they’re dead-on accurate and incredibly reliable. Plus, the watches look great and look much more expensive than they are. For Black Friday, Vincero is having a sale: 15% off everything, 20% off order $200 or more and 25% off orders $400 or more. (Link: Vincero Watches)

Seiko Prospex Street Series

While Vincero Watches are mostly dress watches, many Audi enthusiasts like sporty watches to go with their sporty cars. For that, it’s hard to beat the brand-new Seiko Prospex Street Series. Again, if you’re looking for a watch on a budget, as many enthusiasts are, it’s almost impossible to find better than Seiko. The Japanese brand doesn’t have the prestige of other brands from Switzerland but you’d have to pay five times the money for a watch from Switzerland to match the quality of any decent Seiko. This new Prospex Street Series of watches is also very cool, very stylish and, most importantly, very high quality. Built as a diver’s watch, the Seiko Prospex is one of the most accurate, durable and reliable diver watches on the market, especially for the money. The Street Series line of Prospex watches just adds some style, with a stylish rubber strap and a unique rubber case cover that wraps around the case at the 9-12 o’clock and 3-6 o’clock positions. It comes with a Solar quartz movement, meaning it doesn’t ever need a battery and is powered by light, has a 200-meter dive rating and, for $450, it’s really almost impossible to beat. (Link: Seiko USA)

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Supreme North Face Metallic Borealis Backpack

Every car enthusiast needs a good bag to keep in the trunk. Personally, I’m a fan of having a backpack in my trunk, filled with anything I might need while on the road or out and about. It’s a bag that stays in your trunk, so it’s always there when you need it. It’s sort of utilitarian in purpose but it doesn’t have to be utilitarian in style. So this Supreme North Face Metallic Borealis backpack is perfect. It looks great, with its black and metallic silver design, similar to most Audis honestly, and it’s a North Face, so it’s going to be rugged and dependable, while also having a ton of little pockets and zippers. Right now, this backpack is on StockX, with a Lowest Ask of $278. (Link: StockX)

Forza Horizon 4

The hottest racing game on the market is Forza Horizon 4. It features a massive map of the UK and is shockingly accurate, whether you’re driving through London, Scotland or Wales. Its graphics are incredible and it comes with over 450 cars to start, with more being available from DLC. Forza is also adding free new content to the game every week, adding to its replayability and offering good value. Forza Horizon 4 is only for Xbox One, which might be disappointing for PS4 owners, but it’s the best racing game on the market right now and it’s on sale at Walmart for only $35. Nice little stocking stuffer. (Link: Walmart)

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Logitech Steering Wheel PS4

While Forza Horizon 4 might have only been for Xbox One, here’s a little something for the PS4 owners as well. The Logitech G29 Driving Force racing wheel with dual-motor feedback is the best video game racing wheel on the market. If you like realistic racing games, like Gran Turismo Sport, then a proper racing wheel is necessary. The only problem is that they’re always so expensive, often cresting $400. This one is normally $399 but an early Black Friday sale on Amazon has it at $199, which is a fantastic deal. So you can save 50-percent and get your favorite car enthusiast the best racing wheel on the market just in time for the holidays. It’s also available for Xbox One users. (Link: Amazon)

Audi Quattro Reise Mug

Not all gifts have to be super expensive, hot-ticket items. In fact, sometimes it’s the smaller gifts that make the biggest impacts. If your Audi enthusiast is a big coffee drinker (which, let’s face it, we all are), this could be an awesome gift and one that they use daily, maybe even multiple times a day. Audi sells a lot of mugs from its accessories store but this one is our favorite. For starters, it looks great, with a nice big, fat cylindrical shape and a nice handle. It’s also painted in a flat grey that’s similar to Audi’s famous Nardo Grey paint, which, chances are, a favorite color of your beloved Audi enthusiast. The best part about this mug? It’s cheap. Most car-branded gear is hilariously over priced. This awesome little mug comes it at $9.95, making it the perfect stocking stuffer. (Link: Audi)

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Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II Car Wash Shampoo

There’s something genuinely fantastic about driving a clean car. Something about it just feels right. Even better than that is driving around in a clean car that you cleaned yourself. That feeling of satisfaction from cleaning one’s own car is one of the best parts about being a car enthusiast. But often times, car cleaning products are overpriced, yet they under deliver. Which is why we’re big fans of Chemical Guys. This might sound like a paid promotion but it’s really not. We just really like their products. The one I’m personally using right now is the Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II Car Wash Shampoo. It comes in a gallon jug and you only need an ounce per five gallons of water, so you can get hundreds of car washes out of the one gallon. It also contains water softeners, so even in the brightest sun on the hottest days, you don’t get any water spots while drying the car. It’s a fantastic shampoo, it really is. And it’s only $19.99 right now, making it an awesome gift for the holidays. (Link: Chemical Guys)

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