Sixth Audi City to open in Moscow

We recently spoke of a new Audi City digital showroom opening in Paris, France. Now, Audi is opening a new Audi City showroom in Moscow. In the immediate vicinity of Red Square, inside the bustling Nikol’skaya Plaza shopping mall, visitors to the 600 square meter (6,458 sq ft) space are treated to a virtual experience of the complete product portfolio from the four rings.

Inside of this sprawling building, customers are capable of designing their dream Audi, completely digitally, from several hundred options. The vehicles are displayed in extreme realism on digital floor-to-ceiling “Powerwalls” Even the tiniest details are vividly displayed so the customer can see exactly what they’re buying. Two Customer Private Lounges with separate multi-touch tables and a multimedia wall are available for personal consultations.

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Audi City Moscow

But it isn’t just a massive virtual configurator. Audi City Moscow also offers an exclusive Audi Sport area where visitors can immerse themselves in the high-performance world of the brand. Audi City Moscow also offers space to relax in the stylish atmosphere of its VIP Room.

The very first Audi City opened in London in 2012 and now there are six of them, including Beijing, Berlin, and Istanbul.

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