Should you buy this inexpensive 2009 Audi Q7 TDI S-Line?

We just recently spoke about how the first-gen Audi Q7 was a great used car buy. For under $10,000, you can get a well-equipped first-gen Q7, with good mileage and in nice condition. This one, though, might be a great deal and one worth looking at for anyone in search of a used Audi.


Found on Craigslist in Brooklyn by Jalopnik, this 2009 Audi Q7 only has 149,000 miles on it and the asking price is just $8,750. Oh, and get this, it’s a diesel. That’s right, it’s an Audi Q7 TDI in America. While that’s not entirely shocking, as the car was sold here, it’s still quite rare. Audi didn’t sell many diesel Q7s then and it certainly doesn’t now.

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It’s also in superb condition. Or at least it seems like it from the photos and the description. Anyone that’s found cars on Craigslist knows the car in the ad and the car in reality can differ greatly. However, if the car is as it seems, it’s a stunner. Immaculate inside and out.


Black on black with basically every option possible. It has navigation, Bose surround sound, a power third row of seats, power tailgate, a panoramic sunroof and even screens in the headrests. It’s loaded.


Powering the big Audi Q7 TDI is a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 diesel engine that makes about 240 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. That’s far more than enough twist to get the big Q7 moving. That engine is paired with a six-speed automatic gearbox and the classic Quattro all-wheel drive. If there’s a downside to the powertrain/drivetrain, it’s the the old six-speed auto will feel sluggish by current automatic standards. However, it’s not a deal-breaker and if you’re buying a $9,000 car, you’re not really comparing it to a $60,000 brand-new Q7. So it’s fine.


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Personally, I think this is a great car for the money and one that would make a perfect luxury family vehicle. Sure, it’s a ten year old Audi Q7, so it’s gonna have some issues. That’s inevitable. However, because it’s so much car for the money, it’s likely worth whatever repairs it needs.


[Source: Jalopnik]
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