Should Audi bring the A5/S5 Sportback to the US?

If it’s one thing American customers like, it’s strange niche vehicles. Audi Allroad, BMW X6, Mercedes-Benz GLA Class. What do all of those cars have in common? America loves them. The US market seems to love weird cars that actually don’t serve more of a purpose than the cars they originate from. We’re not really sure why, but it’s the truth. Will Americans buy a wagon? Hell no, but raise its ride height one inch and call it an Allroad and it will sell like crazy. Ridiculous.

But not all niche cars are ridiculous. There’s one kind of niche vehicle that’s actually quite fantastic, as it’s both sexier looking and more practical than the kind of car it’s based off of. That is the four-door coupe. Mercedes-Benz first introduced the four-door coupe with the CLS Class many years ago. American buyers went crazy for it and bought them by the boatload. Every since, the market for the four-door coupes has grown considerably. BMW has really taken off with them, having two very successful models in the 6 Series Gran Coupe and the 4 Series Gran Coupe. Audi even has one in the ‘States, the A7, and it sells fantastically. So, clearly, they seem to work here in the US market. So why doesn’t Audi sell the A5 and S5 Sportback here?

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Audi A5 Sportback

The Audi A5 Sportback is a five-door coupe, with a hatchback style trunk, that’s based on the standard A5 coupe and it’s only sold in the European market. It’s very similar to the A7 in style but with the excellent A5 looks. It has stunning good looks, excellent handling and even and extremely practical hatchback trunk. There’s also a performance variant, the Audi S5 Sportback, that offers all of the same performance and power of the S5 but in a more practical hatchback body style.

All of this sounds great and the A5/S5 Sportback is well received in its home market. However, it hasn’t made it over to this side of the Atlantic despite the fact that we have so many four-door coupes (or hatchbacks) that sell so well over here. If the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe works here, then the Audi A5 Sportback can work as well. If Audi has created a lot of fans with the A7, who’s to say that there won’t be many fans of the A5 Sportback? It just seems logical that it would work here if so many other similar cars work.

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