Should Audi be afraid of the Alfa Romeo Giulia?

The newly released, B9-Generation, Audi A4 is a fantastic car, one that’s great to drive, very comfortable, one of the fastest cars in its class and has the nicest interior in any car in its price range. However, it does have one flaw — it feels a bit clinical.

The Audi A4 is a car that your brain will desire, as it combines every great attribute anyone could ever want in a sports sedan and combines them in a wonderfully cohesive package that’s beautifully trimmed. However, it can feel a bit cold and a bit lifeless, as if it wasn’t made with passion or soul but with computers and science. Partially because that is how it was made. But the A4 has so much technology and so much perfection that it comes off a bit stiff and robotic at times. And being that being a bit cold is its only downfall, should it be afraid of the upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulia?

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The Giulia is Alfa Romeo’s latest attempt at the sports sedan, after decades of historically bad attempts, and another chance for the Italian automaker to make a splash in the US market. Unlike many of Alfa’s previous attempts, the Giulia seems very promising and, being an Alfa Romeo, very exciting.


There’s something about an Alfa Romeo that gets the blood pumping before driving it or even looking at it. Car enthusiasts foam at the mouth in excitement after even just mentioning the brand’s name. Without having driven the Giulia, we can’t comment on how good it will be as an actual sport sedan, but we can tell one thing about it without driving it — it won’t be cold.

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Alfa Romeos have always been known to be exciting driving cars, cars with a special something to them that makes you want to keep driving even if it’s not that great as an actual car. There’s just something soulful about them. It’s a bit cliche, I know, but it’s the truth. So we do know that this new Giulia will be the more emotional, more passionate and more exciting car than the A4, simply because it’s an Alfa. But, as history tells us, it should fall apart during any sort of real driving, right? Apparently, according to some recent drive reviews, no. Apparently, it’s actually very good.

Recent drive reviews of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde (the fast RS4-fighting variant) have shown us that it’s actually very nice to drive. We hear that it has the driving dynamics of the BMW 3 Series with the comfort of an Audi A4 and more style than both. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great car to me.

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If Alfa Romeo can deliver on the promise of the Giulia’s driving dynamics while also giving us that typical Alfa flair, I think that the Audi A4 should be very scared of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. It seems to be a car that can be all of the things car enthusiasts desire in a sports sedan all wrapped up in a gorgeous package. So yes, Audi should be very afraid of the Alfa Romeo Giulia. So should everyone else, it seems.

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