Select Audi e-tron Customers can get free Arcadia Solar power

One of the bigger benefits to buying an electric car is the fact that electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel, typically. However, the cost of charging up your EV can be offset even further by using solar power. The problem is that most customers would prefer to not install expensive, and ugly looking, solar powers on their house. So Audi and Arcadia have teamed up to help customers have their solar cake and eat it, too. Select Audi e-tron customers will now get a free 10-year subscription to Arcadia solar power.


Starting today, February 4, the first 3,000 Audi e-tron customers, be it new or certified pre-owned, will get the aforementioned 10-year subscription to solar power, without having solar panels installed on their property. The way this works is that Arcadia has solar farms throughout the US and, with the subscription, savings from the solar power are reduced from the Audi e-tron customer’s monthly electric bill.

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According to Arcadia, this subscription should provide each Audi e-tron customer around 2,400 miles of electric driving per year. So, for the 3,000 customers that get their 10-year subscription for free, they’ll get around 24,000 free miles of driving out of their e-tron. If they keep the car that long, which few EV owners do.


This offer is available for all Audi e-tron customers across the US, as Arcadia power is supplied to all fifty states. So even if the customer moves after buying their e-tron, they’ll still receive the benefits of this program.


While driving EVs is more environmentally-friendly than driving an internal combustion engine car, it’s not as green as many might think. Sure, the car emits no emissions but it’s charged from a power grid that’s supplied by some form of dirty energy. Increasing solar panels across the US will help to clean up power grids and help move EVs like the Audi e-tron to being completely green. At least that’s the goal.

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