Second generation Audi Q7 gets new TV spot

The second generation Audi Q7 is at the forefront of a new TV commercial released this week. After losing a whopping 325 kg, the new full-size SUV from Ingolstadt is making an appearance on television in a new ad showcasing the versatility of the model which is already available across Europe. It’s available with a 3.0 TDI engine with 272 PS and 600 Nm or with a 3.0 TFSI developing 333 PS and 440 Nm of torque.

Other engines will follow as Audi plans to offer a 3.0 TDI with 218 PS and 500 Nm, along with a 2.0 TFSI rated at 252 PS and 370 Nm. There’s also an e-tron plug-in hybrid version with a 3.0 TDI engine and an electric motor offering a combined output of 373 PS and 700 Nm while select markets are getting an e-tron version equipped with a 2.0 TFSI engine delivering a total power of 367 PS and 700 Nm.

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Later this year, the second generation Audi Q7 will spawn a high performance SQ7 derivative which is expected to have a V8 turbodiesel engine featuring e-turbo technology while the displacement should be 4.0 or 4.2 liters. Output of this engine should stand at more than 400 PS which will be enough to grant the vehicle with a 0-100 km/h run in five and a half seconds and a 300 km/h top speed.

The second generation Audi Q7 in S guise should arrive in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Adrian Padeanu

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