Save the Date for Audi’s press conference at CES 2019

We’re nearing the 2019 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which has become more important to the automotive industry with each passing year. In years past, CES was more for tech companies looking to show off their new and futuristic innovations. However, with car companies becoming more and more technology-based, CES has been a huge show in the industry. Audi will have a large presence at this year’s CES, which will begin on January 8.

According to Audi, the four-ringed brand will be holding a press conference at 8:00 PM CET on Jan 8. During the press conference, Audi will “present the next stage in in-car entertainment and provide a preview of the digital premium experience of the future.”

When Audi says it wants to provide the “next stage in in-car entertainment”, it means it. We recently learned that Audi wants to provide drivers with a sort of “rolling movie theater-like environment once full autonomy becomes possible. So when you’re driving along, or I should say riding along, with the car driving itself, you will have what Audi calls “free time” to just hang out and relax while the car does its thing. So to keep you from being bored (may the Car Gods forbid it), Audi wants to turn the car interior into an “amusement park”. Okay, then.

Also, when the car is stationary, you will have the “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment”. That will supposedly turn the car into a sort of drive-in movie theater, allowing you to stream content and watch movies or television from the inside of the car. This would be interesting if it could operate during autonomous driving up to a certain low speed, so that you can pass the time in heavy traffic with a movie or TV show.

All of this tech will be previewed at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and Audi’s press conference will be broadcasted live worldwide by satellite, internet and via smart TV.

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