San Diego Audi dealer joyriding in customer’s Audi A4

Everyone who drops their car off at the dealer, or any mechanic for that matter, to be worked on for an extended period of time fears the Ferris Bueller scenario. You must know the movie, where Bueller and his buddies drop off his friend’s dad’s Ferrari 250 GT California at a parking garage and the workers take it for a long joyride while they’re gone. We all fear that happening to our nice cars when they’re in the hands of employees at a dealer or mechanic. Unfortunately for one Audi A4 owner in San Diego, this actually happened.

This Audi A4 owner, who goes by the informative Reddit name of “WatchOutForAudiSD”, needed do drop his car off at the dealer for what seems to have been routing scheduled maintenance. So he scheduled the appointment for Wed, Feb 26 and dropped the car off and was told that the car would be ready either later that day or the following morning. His wife received a call that Wed, claiming that they couldn’t work on the car that day and it would be ready later the next day. However, Thursday came and the car still wasn’t done. He called to complain so they said that first thing Friday morning he’d get the car back and it would be delivered to his home for free for the inconvenience. It was finally delivered, but later Friday evening.

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However, that isn’t the end of the story, as the car was delivered with an extra 288 miles on its odometer. The owner dropped the car off with 30,143 miles on it while the A4 had 30,434 miles on it, despite the exit mileage on the receipt being written as 30,146. 288 miles is one helluva joyride and one that should get a few worker fired as well as some compensation for the owner. However, when the owner confronted the dealer, and its GM, they were less than helpful.

The GM originally claimed that the service tech miswrote the initial mileage¬†but had no explanation as to why the exit mileage was mistaken. The GM offered to show the owner security footage to prove that no one had driven the car, but when the owner called the GM’s bluff and did ask for the footage, the GM never got back to him.

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The owner has contacted the dealer several time but to no avail. He even went as far as to contact Audi of America to see if the corporate folks could do anything, but they said no. So this owner is on his own with this one and it isn’t fair. So after weeks, he finally took to Reddit to start a dialogue about this crummy dealer. Hopefully, this owner can get things straightened up and receive compensation for that dealer’s workers taking a joyride in his car.

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