RS5 and TT RS are heading to the U.S.?

According to Motor Trend, yes, the RS5 and TT RS are coming to the good ole U.S. of A. The RS5, of course, hasn’t been released yet, but with the B7 RS4 sedan and wagon going out of production, Audi’s current line-up has no direct competitor to battle the BMW M3 sedan and coupe with it’s beefy 4.2L V8. However, if the rumored 500 horsepower V8 really does find its way underneath the hood of the RS5 then M Division may have quite a lot to worry about, especially with the new quattro systems directing power with a rear-wheel bias.


If that isn’t enough, Audi has, according to insiders,  the TT RS hidden right a around the corner for U.S. consumption. As we’ve posted in a number of posts about the TT RS, the car will produce about 340HP from a turbocharged 5 cylinder engine, one cylinder and 40 horsepower more than it’s smaller brother, the TT S. The TT RS is likely to do battle with the upcoming new M roadster/coupe from BMW while the TT S will line up against the Z4 twin turbo inline-6.


Watch this space as we’ll continue to try and get details on the RS5 and TT RS.

Hit the jump for more pics of the RS5 undergoing testing and the TT RS at Geneva.

(Photos sourced from Autoblog)