Riviera Blue Audi S3 wearing Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged Wheels

Yesterday we took a look at an Audi Allroad wearing Vorsteiner V-FF 102 wheels and it gave the Allroad a much better look. Today, we’re looking at an Audi S3 wearing Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged wheels and it looks fantastic.

This Audi S3 is a stunning Riviera Blue example, one of our favorite colors for the S3, and its V-FF 103s are finished in Carbon Graphite. The contrast between the Carbon Graphite finish of the wheels and the bright paint color of the Riviera Blue looks incredible and gives the S3 and aggressive and edgy look. The design of the V-FF 103 wheel is also perfect for the S3, as it gives the wheel arches a bigger look and feel to them, making the S3 seem more muscular than it already does. Overall, this is one of the best wheel/paint combos we’ve ever seen on an S3.

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Vorsteiner’s Flow Forged wheels are 25 percent lighter than most stock wheels, so this S3 will have the benefit of being lighter as well as having less unsprung rotational mass. This aids in handling, braking and overall performance. There will also be plenty of grip, as the 19″ x 8.5″ wheels all around create a squared setup, allowing for a better overall contact patch on the all-wheel drive Audi S3. So not only do these wheels look amazing, but they help the S3 perform better as well.

Check out Vorsteiner’s full gallery here.

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