Render – Would an Audi S8 Avant Plus make sense?

Independent artists X-Tomi Design from Hungary has decided to share his vision of a hypothetical Audi S8 Avant Plus. It’s obviously based on the recently unveiled S8 Plus but has now received the Avant treatment to create a more practical body style while keeping the same muscular look and strong engine. The chances of seeing this happen in real life are zero taking into account there isn’t a market out there for full-size wagons, especially a very potent version from a premium automaker with a price tag to match.

BMW doesn’t have a Touring version of the 7-Series while Mercedes-Benz isn’t working on an S-Class Estate, so it’s highly unlikely Audi will go down this road, especially since they have the mighty RS6 Avant which basically does the same job as this S8 Avant Plus, albeit it’s a tad slower.

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This newest addition to the A8/S8 family probably serves as a last hurrah of this generation as an all-new model will be unveiled in the second half of next year with more technology, efficient engines, revamped design and an even more luxurious interior cabin which should put Audi back on the map of full-size premium sedans. It will be interesting to see whether the next generation will spawn an RS8 version, but maybe a similar version like the S8 Plus is enough.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.