RENDER: Top Speed renders Audi Q7-based pickup truck

Pickup trucks are typically reserved for American and Japanese brands, like Ford, Chevy and Toyota. However, some other European brands have thrown their hat into the mix before, like the Volkswagen Amarok. So it wouldn’t be all that unusual for more Euro brands to start doing it. However, the likeliness of Audi or BMW doing a pickup is pretty low. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to speculate.

We all know how much the Volkswagen Group likes to use existing chassis and vehicles to create more luxury niches (see: Audi SQ7 and Bentley Bentayga). So if Audi were to ever make a pickup, it would likely be based on the Volkswagen Amarok. It would be cheap and easy to do so, as all Audi would have to do is slap a big singleframe grille and four rings on the front and voilà, Audi pickup truck.

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The folks at Top Speed have recently rendered what they feel such a vehicle would look like. Forget the likeliness of such a thing being made for a minute and just check it out. It’s essentially an Audi Q7′s face slapped on a Volkswagen Amarok. As odd as that sounds, it actually doesn’t look half bad. While it’s not really our cup of tee, it might actually be popular is countries where pickups are, such as the US and Australia. And considering that the Amarok is actually a body-on-frame pickup, it could actually be quite useful.

Admittedly, if Audi brought a pickup truck to the US before the S4 Avant my head might literally explode. And the frustrating thing is that the US is actually more likely to get a pickup than an Avant and my blood just started to boil while realizing that. Ugh.

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