Record Breaking A3: Three Continents in Three Days

Gerhard Plattner is a man who loves to drive. In fact, the teutonic journalist loves it so much, he’s said to have lapped the world in a car at least seven different times during his career. In doing that, he’s achieved a record 4 million+ miles on the open road. 


In terms of records previously set, Plattner has the impressive record of traveling around the globe the fastest, which still stands, and he set that while at the wheel of a sporty Audi S2 way back in 1991. The following year, Plattner used an Audi 80 TDI to set the record for most efficient drive around the globe.

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However, this is 2009 and Gerhard Plattner wants to go for a new record: driving between three continents within 72 hours. As this is attempt is really more a matter of efficiency and endurance over outright speed and power, Plattner has wisely chosen to use another diesel Audi to complete the journey. Plattner and his co-driver, Franz Doppler will be equipped with the A3 1.9TDI  e and it’s frugal 105HP engine, which returns an average of about 61 MPG, should be more than enough to get the job done. 

To attempt this new record, Plattner and Doppler had to map a route that was the most efficient while still giving them a solid chance at success. The route for this attempt is set to leave on June 11th from Rabat, Morocco and drive up to the Mediterranean Sea and be ferried over to Spain. At this point, the duo will pilot the frugal A3 along the western coast of Spain, France and Italy before crossing into the Balkans. The last leg of the trip will require driving into Istanbul, Turkey and crossing over into the Asian side of the city. 


Plattner and Doppler have quite a journey ahead of them which, as we mentioned, kicks off on June 11th. We wish the pair nothing but luck, a safe journey and look forward to seeing them in next year’s Guiness Book of World Records!


En route to a new record with the Audi A3:
three continents in three days

* Record-breaking attempt to drive from Africa through Europe to Asia in 72 hours
* Driving specialist Gerhard Plattner to pilot the Audi A3 1.9 TDI e from Rabat to Istanbul
* Vehicle handed over today at Audi Forum Ingolstadt

Covering over 4,900 kilometers (3,044 miles) in three days, driving specialist Gerhard Plattner is gearing up for his next record-breaking attempt as the first driver to reach three continents in just three days. On June 8, Plattner and his co-pilot Franz Doppler will depart from Rabat, Morocco, in an Audi A3 1.9 TDI e with the goal of reaching the Asian side of Istanbul no more than 72 hours later. Today’s presentation of the vehicle at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt marks the beginning of a phase of intense preparation for the team of drivers.

Gerhard Plattner has already circled the globe seven times in attempts to set new records. Now the passionate motorist is seeking to set his latest world record by reaching three continents in just three days, covering over 4,900 kilometers (3,044 miles) from the Moroccan capital of Rabat to the Asian side of Istanbul, crossing Europe and a total of 13 countries – in just 72 hours. The route will present an enormous challenge to the team’s endurance, driving skill and physical fitness.

Extreme conditions on the record-breaking drive will also serve as a tough test of the vehicle’s safety, efficiency and comfort on long-distance routes.

Plattner and his co-pilot Franz Doppler therefore chose a standard Audi A3 1.9 TDI e with an output of 77 kW (105 hp) to help them successfully complete the difficult journey. “The A3 has ideal characteristics for all three continents. Nevertheless, any attempt to break a record also requires a lot of good luck, especially regarding the weather and traffic,” said Gerhard Plattner during the presentation of the vehicle at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt.

The two driving specialists plan to start their journey on June 8 from the royal mausoleum in Rabat, later crossing to Tarifa in Spain with the high-speed ferry. Plattner and Doppler will then drive along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, France and Italy. After crossing the Alps and a brief stop in Munich, Plattner will pilot the A3 through the Balkan States, arriving in Istanbul and crossing the Bosporus to reach the finish line in Asia on June 11, after no more than 72 hours of total driving time. However, the driving specialist is not just interested in a new entry in the record books. Plattner plans on returning to Ingolstadt with a photographic document containing precisely 100 commemorative photos – the passionate driver’s way of wishing the Audi brand a happy 100th birthday.

The Guinness Book of World Records has dubbed Gerhard Plattner “the most versatile driver in the world.” To date, the journalist from Tyrol has covered just under 7 million kilometers (4.3 million miles) by car, setting numerous world records for speed, efficiency and endurance in the process. In 1991, Plattner completed the fastest round-the-world drive in an Audi S2, a record that still stands today. Plattner also set a record for the most efficient round-the-world journey in a car from the brand with the four rings, an Audi 80 TDI. In 1992, the record-breaking driver piloted an Audi duo, the world’s first standard hybrid vehicle, from Ingolstadt to the World’s Fair in Seville