With the R8 possibly dying, listen to this Audi R8 LMS Hillclimb Car

We just heard that the Audi R8 might be killed off by Audi Sport in 2020. It might be the worst news we’ve heard from Audi in a very long time, as the R8 is easily our favorite car to wear four rings. How could you not love a mid-engine Audi supercar with a naturally-aspirated 5.2 liter V10 derived from Lamborghini? It’s almost impossible, as the noise it makes is pure automotive bliss. What’s better, though? the sound of that very V10 lacking any sort of mufflers and powering a first-gen Audi R8 LMS race car.

In this video, we see an Audi R8 GT3 LMS that’s been modified for hillclimb duty, so it could tackle the Gran Canaria Regional Hillclimb Championship. We don’t know all of the modifications but we do know it received a power upgrade to 600 hp, which is more than was allowed in GT3 racing back when it was competing. But power isn’t the best part of this hillclimb R8. The best part is the noise. It’s pure, unfiltered, raw violence. It’s fantastic.

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The sound of the way its revs climb and fall, thanks to its incredibly sharp throttle response and lightweight flywheel, is incredible and addictive. It’s the stuff of what automotive dreams are made of. From outside the cabin, it sounds like a nitro glycerin-powered chainsaw and from the inside it sounds like heaven. In this video, we get to listen to both, as we can see it scream by the camera, as well as a cockpit-view.

Throw some headphones on and listen to the glorious sound of this Audi R8 GT3 LMS. It’s well worth taking a minute to listen to and watch this video. If you’re at work, though, and in an office, it’s best to listen to on headphones, as it’s quite loud.

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