R8 5.2FSi in video

Here’s Audi’s official video of the Audi R8 5.2FSi with over 520HP – a car many feel should have been the R8 in the first place.

There isn’t much to say as this is a car that speaks for itself. Unrivaled in this segment by the traditional Audi competitors BMW and Mercedes, the V10 R8 appears to be a thinking man’s sports car. Yes, it will be priced around a Gallardo and with the same engine but this car is as much about understated class  as it is performance , and understatement is something atypical of the $175,000+ sports car market. This car reminds me of James Bond – looks prim and proper with a tuxedo on but underneath the austere, tasteful veneer is a true bruiser that can take the fight to the competition and do it with style. 

Enjoy this video for both the lovely V10 sound and the gorgeous looks of the big boy R8.