Quattro revival delayed

As we’ve mentioned in the recent past, Audi is currently working to achieve an overall lighter weight from its upcoming vehicles. One of the first vehicles expected to benefit from extreme weight savings is the upcoming Audi Quattro revival. As we’ve also mentioned before, Audi is planning to resurrect the car which launched the brand from a quirky West German manufacturer to a company who was competing on the world stage with the other large German carmakers.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ur-Quattro(original Quattro) Audi is converting the S5 to a be a throw back model. Originally slated for a 2010 release date, aligning with the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Quattro. However, as the economic climate has spiraled further and further into turmoil, Audi had decided to play it safe and as a result, the Ur-Quattro descendent has been pushed back to 2012 date. However, while the delay in the release of the model is disappointing, the rumored specs of the car certainly aren’t.


As expected, permanent all-wheel-drive will be present via quattro to push power to all four wheels from a turbocharged V6 pushing out about 425HP. While this isn’t earth shattering horsepower, the power deficit is more than made up for with the weight that Audi is shaving from the S5. It’s expected that the S5 Quattro( named Project Anniversario) will weigh in around 1,400kg or about 3,100 lbs – far below the current weight of near 4,300 bls. ¬†Other rumors about about Project Anniversario are the possible use of a modified version of the turbocharged 5-cylinder engine used in the TTRS or hybrid drivetrain incorporating regenerative energy technology to keep the new Quattro somewhat “green.”

Watch this space as we learn more about the release of Project Anniversario and what the official specs will be!

(Source: Car Magazine via Autoblog)