quattro managing director talks about 360 bhp Audi RS3

quattro managing director Heinz Hollerweger has gave an interview to Top Gear magazine in which he provided some juicy details about the highly anticipated Audi RS3. Although he said “we haven’t finalized the output of the next Audi RS3”, he did specify “it’ll probably get around 360 bhp.” Top Gear asked him whether the hot hatchback will hit the 400 bhp mark but Hollerweger responded with an inconclusive “well, let’s see.”

Top Gear managed to find out from Hollerweger that the model is going to continue with a 5-cylinder, 2.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine as Audi wants to “maintain our heritage on the RS models” which means the RS3 will likely end up with the same motor as the RS Q3. The vehicle has been confirmed for an official release towards the end of next year with a quattro all-wheel drive system and word on the street is that it could adopt a manual gearbox along with the usual DSG.

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When talking about the clubsport quattro concept, Hollerweger said the vehicle was developed to find out the feedback coming from Chinese and American consumers regarding an RS3 sedan which could see the light of day in the future. He did confirm the upcoming RS3 will not resort to an electric motor as a method of providing additional power but it could happen on future RS models.

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