Professional Gamer has brand-new Audi R8 totaled by Mustang driver

The life of a professional gamer is an interesting one. Firstly, they play video games for a living, which I’ll let you decided whether or not is cool. I think it sounds like a good gig, but I’m lazy so that could be why. Secondly, it allows young people to make far more money than nearly any other career outside of show-business. Much like the professional gamer by the name Nordan Shat (don’t snicker), who also goes by the name of “Rain” online.

Shat, with his considerable earnings from free bingo gaming, recently purchased the very 2017 first Audi R8 V10 Plus to be imported into America. So you can imagine, he was pretty excited about his car. He then decided to have some upgrades done, a mere few months after purchasing the car. Nothing crazy, just some wheels and minor stuff like that.

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The problem isn’t with his modification, the problem came after. The shop that did the mods to his R8 were preparing to put the R8 on a trailer one night recently, so as to bring it back to him. However, while the R8 was parked on the side of the street awaiting the truck to take it away, some idiot in a Mustang lost control and hit his R8, totaling it.

Fortunately, the shop owners were able to capture the crash on security cameras. The Mustang is in the middle lane of a three-lane road, with an entire lane between it and the R8. The driver decides to act like an idiot in a car he can’t control and the Mustang gets sideways and drives right into the rear driver’s side quarter panel hard enough to damage the frame. It’s maddening to watch, as it could easily have been avoided if the driver of the Mustang wasn’t such a complete buffoon. Unfortunately, that buffoon was insured for only up to $100,000. Considering the R8 is worth double that, shat could be in bad shape. Let’s hope he has underinsured/uninsured driver insurance to cover the rest of the cost.

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Check out the security tape and try not to get too frustrated and the sheer buffoonery of the Mustang driver.

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