Pre-Owned Audi S4 In High Demand

Autotrader puts out a monthly scarcity report, which documents all cars that are in high demand but have low volume numbers, both nationally and in different regions. Since the start of spring, sports cars have topped the list, which isn’t unusual due to the nicer weather. However, For the month of June, Audis have peppered the top of the list all over the country. Specifically S Model Audis.


The Audi S4 actually ranked number two on the list nationally and in most regional markets as well, with the A5, S5 and A6 making the list as well. Autotrader senior analyst, Michelle Krebs, suspects that a better economy, increased jobs and a rising stock market all have to do with the increased demand for sports cars. However, it’s interesting that Audi sports cars are the most sought after. Audi is usually not the aspirational brand people think of, as Audi is still behind BMW and Mercedes-Benz in sales.

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Krebs goes on to say that the reason the Audi S4 and S5 vehicles have such low volume is that they are very low volume cars when new, so there are very few of them floating around on the used market. However, the high demand is due to, mostly, millennials looking to Audi as the brand they aspire to own and look to the pre-owned market to get into their dream brand. So it seems that Audi’s push to gain a younger audience is working. Krebs also goes on to say that Audi is experiencing “dramatic growth on the new-car side for several years,”.


So if you’re looking for a used Audi S car, it’s going to be a somewhat difficult search, as so are most millennials in the country. But if you can find one at a good price, especially an Audi S4, wrap it up because you’ll be hard pressed to find another one.

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