Powerful diesel Audis not getting RS badge

According to Heinz Hollerweger, we shouldn’t be expecting to see the RS badge on high-performance diesel-powered Audi models in the future. The managing director of quattro GmbH announced in an interview with Car & Driver that the company has not decided to develop powerful RS models running with a diesel engine, even though just a few months ago they showed the interesting RS5 TDI concept.

Even if hot diesel-powered models will be green-lighted for production, the vehicles will probably be commercialized with a different moniker than the RS badge in order to better differentiate the two in Audi’s lineup. Hollerweger went on to say that we could expect to see a range of electrically-assisted high-performance cars as he declared during the interview that “there’s no engine that has better torque at zero revs than an electric [motor].”

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In addition, Heinz Hollerweger said we should expect the next generation of the Audi RS5 to continue with a V8 engine. The regular A5 Coupe is programmed to come out sometime in 2016 which means the hotter RS derivative will probably see the light of production day in 2017 or even 2018. Like the current generation, the A5 is going to be based on the next generation A4 scheduled to come out next year.

via caranddriver.com

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