Potential Fire Risk causes Audi R8 recall — Nearly 2,000 models

The Audi R8 is by far the most dynamic car in the brand’s lineup. With its 5.2 liter naturally-aspirated V10, up to 610 hp and otherworldly agility, the R8 is an extraordinary driver’s car. So customers are likely going to want to drive it hard. That’s sort of the point. However, doing so could cause a potential fire risk.

A recall has now been issued for 1,916 Audi R8 models, including both Coupe and Spyder variants, for a potential transmission fluid leak from the gearbox ventilation hose. If that fluid were to leak onto something hot, like say an engine component or maybe part of the hot exhaust, it could catch fire. And that’s bad. This is only possible under¬†“certain high speed and maneuvering situations”, according to Audi, and still highly unlikely.

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The fix isn’t a problem, though. As with all recalls, any Audi R8 owners with affected models just have to bring their car back to the dealer. From there, a new double-ventilation hose will be installed in the old one’s place free of charge. Recalls will begin on October, 31.

This isn’t a good look for the Audi R8, being that it’s already on its last legs and fans are hoping that Audi can find a business case to keep it around. Obviously, recalls aren’t really a problem, as countless cars are recalled every year from every brand. However, the R8 is a car that is fighting to stay alive in a climate that’s pushing for more electrification and not large, naturally-aspirated engines. Having some fire-risk recalls potentially hurting the car’s reputation isn’t going to help its case.

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Admittedly, a lot of these cars are still in dealer showrooms, as R8s sell very slowly. However, if they’re there and under recall, Audi dealers cannot sell them. This isn’t a real issue, though. It’s under a factory recall, so all cars will be fixed free of charge and the risk is rare. So if you have an Audi R8, drive it gently until you get to the dealer. Then, once it’s fixed, hoon it.

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