Potential BMW X8 M could take on the Audi RS Q8

After Audi Sport recently teased an image of six upcoming cars headed for reveal by the end of this year. The soon-to-be-flagship of the Audi Sport range will be the upcoming Audi RS Q8, which is going to be the most powerful, highest performance SUV in the brand’s history. However, it seems like it might have some company in the near future in the form of a potential BMW X8 M.

According to a new report, BMW’s M Division is actually working on its own uber-high-performance SUV with aggressive, coupe-like styling, called the BMW X8 M. It’s also said that this X8 M will be a standalone M car and won’t be based on any regular production BMW. Which is sort of interesting but should also be a bit worrisome for its competitors. Especially when you learn of its proposed specs.

If this new report is correct, the BMW X8 M will get a 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 paired with an electric motor to make a total power output of around 750 hp. That would make it the most powerful SUV on the planet. In fact, it would be 100 hp more powerful than the Lamborghini Urus, which is the fastest SUV in the world at the moment. Coincidentally, the Urus is actually the car that gives us the best template for the Audi RS Q8, as the two will share the same chassis, technology and engine.

While the Audi RS Q8 is likely going to be very fast, with around 600-650 hp, it might not have enough firepower to match the upcoming hybrid Bimmer. Admittedly, thanks to its hybrid nature, a lot of weight will come with all of that power. So maybe it won’t be as quick as its power might suggest. Still, that’s a lot of power no matter how much weight is being carried.

What’s interesting is that Audi Sport has actually been rumored to be making a hybrid performance machine of its own. Though, it’s not an SUV that’s been rumored. Instead, it’s said that the next-gen Audi RS7 will have a hybrid powertrain option, also using a twin-turbo V8 and electric motors, to make 750 hp, just like the rumored BMW. So maybe we’ll see a bit of a hybrid horsepower war between both Bavarian brands. That could be fun.

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