Potential Audi Q9 Gets Rendered and Could be on the Way

Awhile back, there were some rumors about a potential Audi Q9, a larger SUV to sit above the Q7. However, nothing ever materialized from those rumors; not a spy photos, official quote or any other concrete information about such a car. Now, though, a new render, along with some more rumors of its existence, has debuted.


In this render from Motor.es, we essentially see a stretched Audi Q7 with an aggressive rear fender flare. It’s a bit sportier up front, with a more aggressive grille design and new, slimmer headlights, but it’s mostly just an elongated Q7. Though, to be fair, there have been no real spy photos, or anything concrete, about a potential Audi Q9, so there’s not much else to go by.


Despite the lack of evidence, Motor.es claims that there is an Audi Q9 in the works and that the four-ringed brand is just being ultra-tight-lipped about it. While that’s not impossible, as automakers have done such things before, it’s unlikely that it’s true. Automakers typically like to tease cars quite a bit, prior to their release, especially ones in highly popular, highly profitable segments like an Audi Q9 would be. Investors and shareholders like knowing high-profit machines are in the works, so automakers like to let them know.


If such a car is in the works, though, it will likely be a big, three-row SUV, similar in proportion to the Audi Q7. While the Q8 is the brand’s current flagship, it’s more of a stylish, coupe-like SUV. A potential Audi Q9 would likely be made to take on cars like the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class.


Again, it’s not impossible but we do find¬† it improbable for such a car to be in the works. Audi has bigger fish it needs to fry, such as its ever-expanding e-tron line of electric cars. In this modern era, that’s what Audi needs to focus on, not massive, gas-guzzling, three-row luxury SUVs. The last thing the world needs is another one of those.


[Source: Motor1, Motor.es]
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