Possible Lamborghini Huracan SV spotted in Italy

Some lucky members of HuracanTalk.com spotted what appears to be an SV (Super Veloce) variant of the current Huracan driving around in Italy. We recently learned that the Italian firm was going to be making a rear-wheel drive variant of its Huracan, called the LP580-2, and that Lamborghini could be making a more powerful version to compete with the Ferrari 488, according to Lamborghini CEO, Stefan Winkelmann. Well, it’s possible that this could be that more powerful version.

Lamborghini Huracan Spy (2)

This blue Huracan spotted in Italy appears to have much wider wheel arches than the standard car, as well as a large rear wing. All of this added aerodynamic body work is likely to be made from carbon fiber, which would explain the SV nature of it. It seems much more aggressive than the standard Huracan, so this is definitely something of SV nature. It looks to be the most extreme Huracan yet, which is good news as the current car is flipping incredible.

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Lamborghini’s henchman have done a pretty good job disguising the car with that black tarp, but we can tell that a massive wing resides underneath it and can see the extra aggressive body work in the front. No power or performance figures are known at this time, as it’s not even a confirmed vehicle just yet. However, expect this to be the fastest Huracan yet, if not the fastest Lamborghini yet.

[Source and Photos: HuracanTalk]
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