Possible Audi SQ2 on the way

With recent test drives being had of the new Audi Q2 in Cuba, there’s more buzz than ever around Audi’s latest crossover. The little Q2 is one of the more exciting cars to come from Ingolstadt in a while, with its very different looks and fun-to-drive dynamics. So naturally, Audi is already thinking about making a higher-performance Audi SQ2, despite the standard car not even hitting dealers until this summer.

Auto Express reports that sources at Audi are looking into such a car. “It is something we’re looking at,” claimed Stephan Knirsch, Audi’s Board member for Technical Development. “It would be relatively easy to do with MQB. The Q2 shares a lot with the A3, but we have to see what appetite there is for the more expensive Q2 models first.”

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With the Q2 not being on sale just yet, Audi wants to wait and see how much of a demand for the car is there and then, if there is a demand for a more expensive model, Audi will seriously consider a faster variant. If such an Audi SQ2 were to be made, it’s like that it just borrows the new Audi S3’s powertrain and drivetrain. Both cars are built on the new MQB platform, so it’s actually quite easy to share parts, as evidenced by the new Q2 borrowing the S3’s steering rack.

Audi Q2

If this were to happen, the Audi SQ2 would use the same 306 hp 2.0 liter TFSI engine, dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive system as the S3 to go with the steering. While such a car would cost around upwards of €40,000, it’s actually quite possible that many standard Audi Q2 owners pay that much for a fully loaded model. So if that ends up being the case, a real business case is made for an SQ2.

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But, if this news didn’t excite you enough, some Audi sources even hinted that a hotter RS Q2 could be in the works, using the same 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine as in the TT RS and RS3. Small, all-wheel drive family crossover with the engine from a TT RS? Sign me up.

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