Possible Audi R6 based on Porsche 718 Boxster coming?

There have been rumors for some time now, about an Audi roadster sports car to slot beneath the Audi R8 and above the Audi TT, but nothing has ever actually come to fruition and it’s all be speculation. However, German publication Auto Bild seems to be confident that such a car, dubbed the Audi R6, could finally happen and even claims there to be an internal production code, PO455. Is it just a rumor or is this really happening? We’re hoping for the latter.

Apparently, if there was ever a time for these rumors to be true, it’s now, as the Volkswagen Group needs to spread the new 718 Boxster chassis around to make it profitable, being that the Boxster is a relatively low-volume car. The idea is for an Audi R6 to be built on the brand new Porsche 718 Boxster platform but come with Audi’s own engine and Quattro all-wheel drive. Such an Audi R6 would come in both coupe and roadster variants and will likely be priced a bit lower than its Porsche counterparts, as somewhat cash-strapped Volkswagen wouldn’t want to pull sales away from the highly-profitable Porsches.

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If such a car were to exist, we could expect a variant of the current Audi S4’s 3.0 liter turbocharged V6 engine, mounted in the middle, which would produce around 350 hp or so. That engine would be mated to a version of Audi’s seven-speed S-Tronic gearbox and power all four wheels via an R8-style Quattro system. Early renderings of the Audi R6 look extremely promising and is a car we could very much get behind.

We recently just spoke about how Audi is the lone bright light under the Volkswagen Group at the moment, as it’s been by far and away the most profitable of the bunch and has almost been unscathed by the diesel scandal VW is going through. So it would make sense to create a new sports car for Audi, a brand on the rise in popularity, to help mitigate some of the cost of the 718 Boxster platform as well as bring a new stream of customers into Audi. Give it R8-like styling and market it as a Baby Audi R8 and Audi would have a real winner on its hands.

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While we aren’t holding our breathe for such a car, as it’s highly unlikely to ever happen, we are hoping for it. A mid-engine sports car from Audi with Quattro all-wheel drive and Audi R8 styling would be the Audi TTS we’ve always wanted. While it might now seem like the most sensible car for the VW Group to create right now, it could help boost the reputation of the Audi brand that’s been the only beacon of light for the scandal-shocked VW. An Audi R6 is unlikely to happen, but we can hope.

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