Porsche Taycan faster than Tesla Model S — What does it mean for Audi?

Ever since the Porsche Taycan Turbo S was first revealed, it’s been compared to the Tesla Model S P100D. That comparison makes sense, of course, as both are hyper-fast EV sedans with 0-60 mph times that shame anything with four wheels. However, judging solely by spec-sheet numbers, the Tesla is the faster car but just a bit, a badge of honor Tesla and its fans have proudly worn since. So Top Gear decided to test both cars out to see if those spec-sheet figures hold up in the real world.


In this new video, we get to see the all-new Porsche Taycan Turbo S take on the Model S P100D in a series of tests. We know the Taycan is more enjoyable to drive because it’s a Porsche, so we’ll skip that part. Instead, we want to focus on the numbers. How did the two cars perform on the drag strip?

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Well, from 0-60 mph, the Porsche Taycan was faster in TG’s testing, doing the spring in 2.61 seconds, which is vomit-inducing. The Model S was right there with it, though, doing the same deed in 2.68 seconds. That’s only a hair’s difference between the two but the Taycan is faster nevertheless. The Taycan also beat the Telsa to 100 mph, doing it in 6.12 seconds, compared to 6.46 seconds.


During the quarter-mile, the Porsche Taycan took an even more commanding lead. It crossed that famous marker in 10.69 seconds at 131.6 mph. While it took the Tesla Model S 11.08 seconds at 124 mph.

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There’s been some controversy about those numbers, though. Top Gear actually used Telsa figures from a previous test from 2017. However, according to TG, the previous 2017 numbers were actually faster than the numbers from the 2019 comparison test. So TG just went with the fastest recorded time they had for the Model S P100D. Which is actually quite helpful for Tesla, whose Model S P100D actually ran a 2.83 seconds 60 mph time and an 11.23 second quarter-mile time. So TG supposedly did Telsa a favor by using previous times that were faster.


If this is true, the Porsche Taycan is faster than both its spec sheet claimed and the fastest Telsa currently on the market. So it seems to be a very impressive car.

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More interesting than that is what the Audi e-tron GT will be like. It’s well known by now that the upcoming e-tron GT will be built on the same platform as the Taycan and potentially used the same battery pack and electric motors. If that’s the case, we could be getting a very, very fast electric Audi which would almost certainly be the fastest car Audi’s ever made.


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