Porsche Taycan claimed to charged 80-percent in 15 minutes

While most of the industry is buzzing about the newly debuted Audi e-tron, which made a big splash in San Francisco and then in Paris, the Porsche Taycan is working in the background to become the world’s most exciting EV sedan. One of the reasons why it’s so exciting is that it could be the fastest charging electric car on the market when it debuts.

One of Audi’s biggest talking points for the e-tron was its charge speed. At 150kW, the e-tron is the fastest charging EV on the market, faster than any Tesla and even faster than the brand-spanking new Jaguar I-Pace. However, the Tacyan is said to charge even faster, at 350kW.

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According to Porsche North America CEO Klaus Zellmer, the Porsche Taycan will be capable of charging 80-percent of its battery in just 15 minutes, or “almost the same if you fill up your gas tank and have a cup of coffee”.

Admittedly, that sort of charging speed will only be available at 350kW/800-volt-capable charging stations. Those would likely only be Porsche dealerships and at Electrify America stations. The latter of which are currently being built and are already 350kW-capable, as we recently learned from Audi execs at the e-tron launch. Audi is also partnered with Electrify America, so the e-tron will be able to use those charging stations as well, though only at 150kW at the moment.

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Being that both Audi and Porsche are under the Volkswagen Group umbrella and both are partnered with Electrify America, it seems like only a matter of time that the Audi e-tron, or maybe even the e-tron GT, gets 350kW/800-volt charging. Audi and Porsche are already sharing battery and electric technology, so if Porsche can develop that level of charging speed for the Taycan, it will likely trickle down to Audi soon after.

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