Porsche shows off the Audi-powered 911 V8 prototype

This week Porsche revealed one of the company’s juiciest and well-kept secrets, an Audi-powered 911 V8 prototype. The vehicle developed in Stuttgart but with a heart from Ingolstadt was originally conceived to replace the legendary Porsche 959. If the model would have been green-lighted for production, the Audi-derived 32-valve eight-cylinder would have been replaced with Porsche’s own V8 engine. However, it wasn’t meant to be as Porsche terminated the project back in 1998 so the car never saw the light of production day.

The automaker says that this interesting “concept car from the Porsche history reunites these two conflicting ideas”, with reference to the 911 and a V8 engine. The Audi-powered 911 V8 prototype was manufactured for testing purposes back in 1984 and was known internally as the Type 965 while the production version would have been called the 965.

Ulrich Bez axed the project when he was Porsche’s chief of research and development, while today he is the CEO of Aston Martin. The reason why the car never made it to production was because of rising costs as well as high manufacturing complexity.

Chief of Archive for the Porsche Museum says “lucky they kept on building flat six engines and I think that’s the heart of all 911s and this was definitely a good decision.”

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.