Porsche says goodbye Audi’s Le Mans team

In 2014, when Porsche made its way back to World Endurance Championship racing, Audi — who had been quite successful for some time at that point — took its 24 Hour of Le Mans Endurance car and spelled out “Welcome Back” in burnt rubber at Porsche headquarters. Now, three years later, Audi has left the WEC and Porsche says goodbye to Audi with classy video.

Audi’s departure from WEC is big news, as the Ingolstadt-based brand has been the most successful brand since its entry into the sport. Audi was purely dominant and was a huge part of the sport’s success as a whole. Not only was Audi the most successful WEC team, it was one of the sport’s biggest contributors and OEMs. So its departure is a big shot to a sport that will struggle without it.

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Since Porsche’s been back, it’s also been a very good team, genuinely rivaling Audi. And considering that the two brands are siblings under the Volkswagen Group, there was a bit of a playful rivalry between the two. Now that Audi has gone, Porsche says goodbye to its sibling rival in this video.

Audi R18
Audi R18

The video shows a man on a tractor that’s powered by a Porsche diesel engine, who’s listening to the radio. He hears that Audi has retired from Le Mans and instantly turns around. He heads out of Ingolstadt, on his tractor, toward Stuttgart, the home of Porsche. He finds the burnt rubber words that spell out “Welcome Home”, from Audi’s previous prank/welcoming. The man breaks out a scrub brush and bucket of soapy water and starts scrubbing the words until they just spell “Come Back”.

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A final test appears that reads “Thank you, Audi, for the great fights. We hope you will come back one day to challenge us again.” Classy move, Porsche.

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