Now’s Your Chance to Pick Up an Audi RS2 Avant

The Audi RS2 Avant is easily one of the coolest, and most important, Audis in the brand’s history. Not only is it awesome, thanks to being co-developed by Porsche and being a hot-wagon, but it was also the first-even “RS” car, launching the brand into a performance world dominated by BMW M.


Sadly, Audi only built the RS2 for just over a year, with the model years running from 1994 – 1995, with just under 3,000 units built. None of which came to the US market. So if you want one, it will have to have been imported and that makes it rather expensive. However, if you’re willing to pay, you’re in luck, as there’s now one up for auction on Bring-A-Trailer.

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This 1995 Audi RS2 Avant is a late-production model and was actually originally a Japanese-market car. From there, it was imported to Canada in 2014 and has been there ever since. It has 150 km (95,000 miles) on the odometer, which is not too shabby at all for a twenty five year old car.


Powering the Audi RS2 Avant is a 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-five co-developed by Porsche. When stock back in 1995, the engine make 315 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque. Some of those horses may have been lost over the years but this car does have a Supersprint exhaust that will help it breath better, as well as sound more aggressive.

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This is a modified example, though, so if you’re looking for a bone-stock classic, this isn’t it. That said, the modifications are subtle and tasteful. For instance, it has 2Bennett Audimotive coilover suspension and a new turbo from them as well.


It looks to be a very clean car, with only very minor blemishes, both interior and exterior. Plus, it’s recently been serviced and has a healthy amount of miles on it. So potential customers shouldn’t worry about its quality or condition.


At the time of writing this, there are seven days left on the auction and the current bid is at $40,000. So it’s not going to be cheap but it is a classic and a rare one at that. So it might be worth it to get one of these now before the price gets even more out of control.


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