Photographer Recreates iconic Audi Sport Quattro S1 Rally Photos in LEGO

Easily one of the most iconic rally racing cars in history is the original Audi Ur Quattro. When it first hit the scene, it dominated rally stages and shocked the world with its innovative all-wheel drive system. Due to its incredibly popularity, there are some fantastic photos that document its rich rally history. This artist just recently started recreated those very photos in LEGO and it’s awesome.


Dominic Fraser is an automotive photographer and has done a stunning job recreating these iconic moments in LEGO form. My personal favorite of all of his Audi LEGO photos is the one showing off the legendary Sport Quattro S1 going sideways.

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In the photo, it looks like it’s kicking up dust from the dirt road but it’s obviously not because, ya know, it’s LEGO. So to recreate that, Fraser used a paintbrush and some powder give the photo that effect. It’s quite impressive, the level of detail Fraser went to for these photos.


For the one in the snow, he really piled on the powder, to make it seem as if the car was driving through snow. There’s also a recreation of the famous jump photo, with the Sport Quattro in mid-air. To do that, he suspended the little LEGO Audi from what looks like a tripod. The one with the pit crew taking it apart is pretty funny, too.

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With each of these photos, we can see some of the prep work and a bit behind the scenes, which makes it even cooler to see. Fraser got pretty creative with these photos and it’s really fun to see how he did each one.


So check out Fraser’s Instagram to see these really cool pictures. Every car-nut loves a good car LEGO set and these photos not only have one of the coolest rally cars in history in LEGO form but they recreate some of its most iconic moments.


[Source: Dominic Fraser]
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