Photo Gallery: B7 Audi A4 wrapped, lowered on BBS CH-R Wheels

The B7 Audi A4 is one of the best looking generations of A4. It still looks new today, even though it’s over a decade old, now. It has the sort of timeless simplicity that will never get old and it will still look good in twenty years. Which is why a lot of enthusiasts love it and love modifying it, because no matter how old their car gets, it will always look good. So it’s worthwhile car to put some money into. This specific one comes from an owner in North Carolina who has modified his slightly.

As you can see, it’s been wrapped in a sort of arctic camo wrap and it looks pretty good, if we’re honest. Personally, I wouldn’t choose a camo wrap but it looks good here. It actually sort of looks like something Jon Olsson and he’s knows much more about being cool than I do. So I guess it’s a pretty good move to wrap a car in arctic camo. It also has a roof box on it, which is something I always loved on Audis. Being that Audi, especially Quattro, earned its performance reputation in the woods, on rally stages, there’s something utilitarian about any Quattro Audi. So having a roof box just looks plain cool.

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The biggest talking point of this car is neither the wrap nor the roof box, though. It’s the suspension and wheel combo. Firstly, it’s been lowered but not too much. It’s not scraping its lip spoiler on the ground. It’s lowered just enough to rid itself of wheel gap and look properly stanced. Not slammed but just nicely stanced. It also sports clear glass, no tint. That’s the way to go.

But it’s also on a set of BBS CH-R wheels, which are some of the best looking wheels on the market. We also really like that they’re silver. Most enthusiasts go for black wheels today and seeing proper silver wheels looks good. The best part about these wheels, though? The fact that they have the word “Motorsport” laser engraved in them. Nice touch.

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This is a good looking and interesting looking B7 Audi A4. It’s clean and simple but good looking, which is right up our alley. Check the gallery out below.

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