Photo Gallery: Audi RS3 Sedan and TT RS finally hit dealers in America

Finally, the moment so many American Audi fans have been waiting for. An actual flesh and blood Audi RS3 has made it to American shores. Sure, it’s the Sedan and not the Sportback that we originally wanted but, hey, we’re not gonna complain. The good news is, we’ve finally gotten an RS3 we can actually buy here in the Red, White and Blue. These are good days. But it gets even better. The Audi TT RS has also come along with it, with its baby-R8 styling.

We recently had a chance to check both cars out in a dealership here in New Jersey. Ray Catena Audi of Freehold is a dealer we work with quite a bit and they have some of the first of these cars in the country. So we stopped by to take a look. And some pictures, of course.

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The Audi RS3 Sedan on the showroom floor is the only one currently in stock. While we always see photos of the RS3 in some exotic color, this one is painted in Mythos Black Metallic. It looks good in black, if a bit understated. Though, that’s sort of Audi’s shtick, isn’t it? It’s a sleeper for sure, as it just looks like a little unassuming Audi A3 sedan. Until it melts your face off with 400 hp from its 2.5 liter turbocharged I5 engine. That engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and powers all four wheels via Quattro (it’s really Haldex, but shhhhhh). That means it can get from 0-60 mph in about 3.9 seconds, which is faster than the Mercedes-AMG CLA45 and BMW M2.

While the Audi RS3 Sedan was a bit sedate, the Audi TT RS on offer is downright exciting. Painted in Catalunya Red Metallic, it really stands out. If you’re going to get a car like the TT RS, with its fixed-wing and massive wheels, it only makes sense to get it in such a color. Inside, it features a black interior with contrast red accents and a mix of leather and Alcantara. The steering wheel is also plucked straight from an Audi R8, which looks the business, and it even has little red touches on the air vents. Cute.

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Both cars are fantastic cars and ones that Audi fans are thrilled to have here in the ‘States. Let’s hope customers actually buy them. The reason why Audi has been so coy with selling cars like these here is that American customers typically don’t buy them. But Audi is being gracious and trying to bring them anyway. So let’s not screw it up America, buy these cars so Audi will bring us more cool stuff.

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