Photo Gallery: Audi Q2 in Havana, Cuba

For decades, the beautiful country of Cuba has been seemingly standing still in time. Its trade embargo between the United States of America has caused Cuba to be virtually stuck in the 1950’s. The political reasons for the trade embargo aren’t what we’re hear to discuss. Instead, we’re going to show you the very first ever automobile launch in Cuba, the launch of the brand new Audi Q2.

Now that the trade embargo has been lifted, Audi is the first automotive brand to bring a debut for one of its cars to Havana, Cuba. The beautiful city is lined with historic buildings and its streets are filled with classic ’50s cars. So seeing the juxtaposition of the seemingly ancient landscape and the incredibly fresh and modern Audi Q2 is a sight to behold.

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The new Audi Q2 is the four-ringed brand’s latest entry into the compact crossover market and it’s positively modern looking. With its sharp angles and aggressive design, it looks equal parts modern art and automobile. It’s a great looking car and its modern design looks like something from the future with Havana in the background. And seeing it next to old Chevy Bel Airs from the ’50s makes the Q2 look like a spaceship.

This high-definition photo gallery comes from Audi itself as it documented the trip through Havana. Take a look at the beautiful scenery, the classic cars and, most importantly, the awesome Audi Q2.

Nico DeMattia

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