Photo Gallery: Audi A6 Looks Good

Audi just recently launched the newest generation of its most important executive car, the A6 sedan. After hearing some journalists talk about the new Audi A6, we’re encouraged about its handling and dynamics, as it sounds to be a big improvement over the old car. One thing that’s for certain, though, this new A6 looks better than the outgoing model, both inside and out. This new gallery of the Audi A6 shows off just how good lit looks, driving around in beautiful Portugal.

Seen here, blasting down some stunning roads and sitting in front of gorgeous scenery, the new Audi A6 fits right in. The new A6 not only looks good but it looks expensive and premium. This is designed to be an executive car, something to make business people look like business people. And it does. It tells your neighbors you’ve done well for yourself. But the beauty of it is that its price tag isn’t as expensive as its looks.

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It’s sharp and aggressive while also being understated and elegant. It really is a great design and we think it’s the second-best looking car in the segment, next to only the Jaguar XF. Personally, my favorite part of the design are the flared rear wheel arches, which box out a bit and give the A6 some muscularity at the rear. Audi has been doing this on all of its new cars, supposedly as a throwback to the original Audi Quattro. Whether it’s actually reminiscent of that or not, we like it.

Inside, the new Audi A6 looks exactly like the A7 and very similar to the A8, which is a good thing. The cabin is lovely, trimmed with rich materials and solid build quality. It also boasts some of the industry’s best technology, such as Audi’s newly updated Virtual Cockpit and new touchscreen MMI system. We can’t wait to get our paws on it.

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This info is nothing new but these pictures are and they look great. If you want a new wallpaper or just want to imagine what it’s like to drive a new A6 through some beautiful Portuguese scenery, check them out.

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