Photo Gallery: 2018 Audi A8

The Audi A8 isn’t yet on sale in America but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about it. When the new A8 debuts, it’s going to be like nothing else in the segment. It might not look like it on the outside but it’s interior is going to move the game forward in the luxury car segment. When U.S. customers see it, we have a feeling that it’s going to take the sales lead over the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

On the outside, the Audi A8 is a handsome, albeit subdued luxury car. It sports Audi’s new corporate face, with a massive Singleframe Grille and aggressive headlights, the latter of which can be optioned for Matrix LED lamps. The rest of it, though, is pretty standard Audi fare, with a bit of a slab-sided body and subtle rear fender flares. Unfortunately, it also gets fake exhaust pipes out back, which are just offensively cheap looking on a car whose price tag can reach six-figures with ease.

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Though, it’s on the inside that the Audi A8 really shines. The main talking point of the A8’s cabin is its dual-touchscreen MMI system, which made its debut on the A8 but has now made its way to the A6, A7 and Q8. There’s so much more to the A8’s interior than just its new MMI system, though.

The front air vents are closed when the car is off, covered by a piece of beautiful wood trim. That trim automatically opens up when the car is turned on to reveal the air vents in a dramatic and exciting fashion. In the back sea, customers can option tablet screens on the back of the front seats, tablets that come off their mountings and can be used as normal Android tablets. It also can be had with an optional foot massager. Seriously.

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Unfortunately, in America, the A8 won’t be coming with its Level 3 Autonomous capabilities. According to Audi, the new A8 is fully capable of Level 3 Autonomy but government regulations won’t allow it.

In America, the Audi A8 will only come with a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6, the very same one used in the Audi S5. It makes 340 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque and is paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, sending power to all four wheels.

Check out this photo gallery of the new Audi A8 to check out its styling, its interior and its technology.

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