Photo Comparison: Pre-Facelift Audi R8 vs Post-Facelift Audi R8

Now that the new Audi R8 Facelift has been revealed, we thought it a good idea to compare both the pre and post-facelift cars back-to-back to see which is better looking. Because the differences are actually more vast than you might imagine at first glance and the newly facelifted car is by far the most outlandish R8 model yet, including the first-gen car. So which is better looking? Let’s take a look.

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From the front, the differences are clear. First of all, the new Singleframe grille, which is far sleeker than before. It’s shorter, top to bottom, and wider, giving the front end of the car a lower, wider look that seems sleeker and more aggressive. It also gets a new front fascia that’s much more aggressive, with larger air intakes and more aero.

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But is it better looking? Personally, I think so, because supercars are supposed to be exciting and thrilling. They’re not supposed to be understated. Though, I must admit, I think the first-gen R8 is prettier than both of the cars seen here but if I had to choose between these two, I’m taking the newer one.

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There really aren’t a ton of visual differences aside from the new mug. However, out back, there’s a new diffuser and dual exhaust, which are now more in keeping with the rest of the Audi Sport lineup. There are some very minor differences inside as well, like new seats, which are much more supercar-like, and a new Alcantara steering wheel. But it’s largely the same inside.

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Power is mostly the same too, with a few extra ponies. The standard model actually gets a bigger power bump, from 540 hp to 570 hp, than the Audi R8 V10 Plus model, which goes from 610 hp to 620 hp. Still, no one’s going to complain about having 620 hp under their right foot.

Overall, though, the new Audi R8 Facelift seems to be slightly cooler looking than the pre-facelift and it helps give the car some extra aggression before it finally dies off.


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