Photo Comparison: New Audi S5 vs Old Audi S5

Audi recently debuted its new S5 Coupe last Thursday and it made big waves in the automotive world. Its predecessor, the first-generation Audi A5/S5, was designed by Walter de Silva, one of the greatest automotive designers of all time, who said at the time that it was the most beautiful car he’d ever penned. So, when most enthusiasts learned of the second-generation’s debut, they were hoping that much of that beauty remained. For the most part, those enthusiasts are probably pretty pleased.

We recently drove the previous generation A5, as a sort of refresher, and it still looked great all these years later, however, there were some details that just felt last decade, such as the headlights and grille. It’s details like that that have been updated and given a more modern spin, while the design as a whole is pretty similar, actually. This second-generation looks like a nip/tucked version of the original S5 and, to these eyes, looks a bit better for today.

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However, there are many who don’t agree and feel that the old car was better looking. There are also many that feel as if Audi didn’t take enough of a risk and didn’t change enough of the design. So we’ve put together some comparison photos of both the previous-gen S5 and the brand-new one to see how they look side-by-side.

From the outside, the new Audi S5 is certainly more aggressive. The original S5 was such a muscular looking car, with its bulging haunches and powerful demeanor. This new one has a similar look, just a bit tighter, leaner and more athletic. The new hood has more creases in it and the headlights that flank the wider singleframe grille are sharper, making the new car seem more aggressive.

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Out back, the rear end is a bit more slender with narrower taillights and a more rear-wheel drive feel. In profile, the look pretty similar, but the new S5’s shorter overhangs at both the front and rear as well as more aggressive rear haunches give the new car a sportier look.


Inside, though, things are unquestionably better in the new model. The old Audi S5’s interior, as noted when driving it recently, is nice but just cannot compare to the Audi’s new interior design language. The interior of the new A5/S5 is pulled straight from the new A4/S4, which so happens to be one of the best, if not the best, interior in the segment. It’s sensationally good and gives this new S5 a far more modern, more high-tech and more upscale feel.

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Check the photos and see for yourself, but this new S5 seems like the overall better looking car than the one it replaces. But it would never look this good if it weren’t for the spectacular groundwork laid by de Silva.


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