Photo Comparison: Audi RS Q8 vs BMW X6 M — Brute Force

One of the most interesting cars to debut at the 2019 LA Auto Show was the Audi RS Q8. Not only was it the first time the media was seeing it but it was there fresh off of it breaking the Nurburgring lap record for SUVs. So not only did it make a big entrance, it backed it up. It talked the talk and walked the walk. However, it wasn’t the only uber-fast German SUV in LA. The BMW X6 M also showed its face to the public for the first time. The question is: which is better looking?


Because we can’t test either car just yet, we can only compare their styling. We won’t even get into to performance, as both cars are set to be astonishingly fast. Though, with its Nurburgring lap record, we suspect the Audi RS Q8 might be the sharper car on the road.

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Up front is where the two are most evenly matched. Both cars have massive grilles and aggressive headlights. The Audi RS Q8 is a sharp looking car but its face is its design’s weakest link. While the BMW X6 M is a funky looking car, its face is where it’s most attractive. Personally, I think from the front the BMW is the better looking car but that’s only because I don’t the grille surround on the Q8, in any iteration.

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That’s about where the X6 M’s advantages stop, though. In profile, the big Bimmer is just frumpy looking. While its roofline is actually not bad at all, it sort of falls apart as it works its way into the trunk. While the Audi RS Q8 looks great in profile. It still looks like an SUV, just a sportier one. It’s not trying to be a “coupe” and it’s all the better for it. The entire Q8 family design is really starting to grow on us and the RS Q8 is the best looking of the bunch.

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Out back, the Audi RS Q8 really takes it. We’re not sure what BMW was thinking but its back end just isn’t good looking. Admittedly, there are some enthusiasts that like it but I heard more negative than positive at the LA Auto Show, among journalists and photographers. And the two rear spoilers are just a bit odd. While the RS Q8 is sharp, sleek and modern looking. Its taillights are slick and its rear light bar looks fantastic.

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Inside, it’s the Audi RS Q8 that wins yet again. Its cabin is icy-cool, with an Alcantara, flat-bottom steering wheel, ultra-high-tech MMI system and the best digital driver’s display in the business (made even better with the “RS Mode”). The X6 M’s cabin isn’t bad by any means, and would actually beat out most other competitors, but it’s just not good enough to beat the awesome RS Q8’s.

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Overall, the Audi RS Q8 is the much better looking car. I’ve said it for awhile but Audi does the whole “Coupe SUV” thing better than any other brand; BMW, Mercedes-Benz, whoever. The RS Q8 is just another example of that. Plus, it’s the fastest SUV in the world at the moment. So that helps.

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