Photo Comparison: Audi R8 vs Mercedes AMG GT

Test drives of the upcoming Audi R8 are circling around the internet like leaked pictures of Kate Upton. Everyone is talking about it. From what we’ve heard, the new R8 is better than the previous model in every conceivable way. Having not driven the new R8, we have no way of telling you how true these claims are. But one thing we can tell you is how breathtaking it looks.

R8 vs AMG GT - in motion
Left: Audi R8 – Right: Mercedes AMG GT

It’s no secret, the new R8 is a stunner. But it isn’t the only good looking car in its segment. There are several other great looking cars from other manufacturers that it will be competing with. However, one of them stands out, as it’s the newest and one of the best looking. The Mercedes AMG GT.

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2016 Audi R8 - Rear In Motion
2016 Audi R8 – Rear In Motion

Naturally, Mercedes is going to want to compete with Audi’s R8. So the flagship Mercedes, the AMG GT, will compete with the R8 even if it is considerably less money. The R8 has more power and a bigger engine, but the AMG GT is right there with it, in terms of speed and performance. But the thing that they both have in common is looks. They’re both stunners in their own unique and different ways. The R8 with its mid-engined supercar looks and the AMG GT with its classic long-nosed sports good style.

2016 Audi R8 - Interior
2016 Audi R8 – Interior

From the outside, it’s hard to determine which is better looking. The R8 is more striking, with supercar looks that kill. However, the AMG GT is more beautiful, it’s the classic sports car and has looks that will last generations. The R8 is more exciting, but the AMG GT is more elegant. So it really comes down to preference.

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2016 Audi R8 - TFT Gauges
2016 Audi R8 – TFT Gauges

The interior is the same story. The R8 is all sport and technology, while the interior of the AMG GT is more Gran Touring car than sports car. Though it is still sporty looking. The R8 is more interesting looking, with its flat-bottomed wheel, sport bucket seats and TFT gauges. The AMG GT is prettier, with the massive center console, circular air vents and tucked away nav screen. Again, the R8 feels like a supercar and the AMG GT feels like a classic sports car.

2015 Mercedes AMG GT Interior
2015 Mercedes AMG GT Interior

Both cars are capable of incredible performance, look excellent and sound even better. But they pull off those traits in incredibly different ways. So what do you think, which car would you rather have.

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