Photo Comparison: Audi Q8 vs BMW X6

Audi has just released its new Q8, its newest flagship SUV. Despite being more expensive and more premium than the Q7, the Audi Q8 will actually be a bit less practical, thanks to its coupe-like body style. However, the Q8 isn’t the first car to sport such styling. The first SUV to do so was the original BMW X6. Now in its second generation, the BMW X6 is getting a bit long in the tooth (hence why BMW just launched a new X5). But it’s still the original coupe SUV so, naturally, we need to compare the Audi Q8 to it.

It’s not the fairest of comparisons, being that the Q8 is far, far newer and BMW will be releasing the next X6 within a year or so. Though, the current X6 is all we have at the moment so, until BMW releases another one, it’s the car we’re going to compare the Q8 to.

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From the front, we actually have to give the nod to the X6. It’s significantly older but its face is still more handsome than the new Q8’s. And that’s surprising because the X6 is showing its age. It’s just that the Q8 has a bit of an odd looking face. Its Singleframe grille is simply enormous and it juts out like John Elways teeth. It’s just not the best looking front end we’ve ever seen. We like the Q8’s taillights a bit more than the X6’s but the Bimmer has a better maw overall.

In profile, the Audi Q8 is the winner here. The BMW X6 looks like a coupe drove into the back of an X5. The Audi Q8 looks more cohesive, more modern and more rugged. It also looks more muscular, despite being boxier. The Q8’s shoulder line that swells over its wheel arches makes it look as if its muscles are bulging underneath its clothes. Though, the X6 does nail the “coupe” look better than the Q8, as its roofline is far more aggressively sloped. But the Q8’s boxy C-pillar is reminiscent of the original Audi Quattro’s and looks quite good.

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Out back, we have to go with the Q8 again. The BMW X6’s “L” shaped taillights look like they’re trying to mimic horns and just don’t look good. It also looks too frumpy and odd at the back. It’s never been a pretty looking rump. The Audi Q8’s isn’t beautiful either but only because it’s a bit bland. It’s not ugly, it’s just a bit uneventful. The taillights are OLED and do a cool dance when the car turns on/off. So that’s kind of cool and interesting.

The Audi Q8 also wins on the inside. The X6’s interior is very nice, filled with rich materials and very good technology. But the Q8’s is on the cutting edge of high tech, features a much more modern design and is even more premium. The dual touchscreen MMI system might not be as easy to use as BMW’s iDrive, even if it’s an older iDrive, but it sure looks better and is more high-tech.

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Overall, the Audi Q8 is the better looking car. That’s really only because the X6 was never a good looking car, as the Q8 isn’t really great looking. But it’s the more modern, fresh and muscular looking car and it features a better cabin. So it wins, even if beating the X6 isn’t a great feat.

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