Photo Comparison: Audi Q8 Concept vs Lamborghini Urus

Now that we’ve seen the wrapping taken off of the Lamborghini Urus, the Italian brand’s second ever SUV, its design is starting to take some flak from enthusiasts and the media alike. It’s deserved as well, as it’s not exactly pretty. One thing we’ve noticed, though, is that it looks suspiciously like the Audi Q8 Sport Concept, which isn’t exactly surprising, considering that’s the car the Urus is like based on.

So we thought it might make sense to take a look at both cars to see how they compare. In these photos, we’ll look at both cars back-to-back to see the similarities in both cars, as well as their differences. But also, what that means for the Audi Q8.

While the dimensions aren’t exact and the design of the Lambo is far more dramatic, you can see that the overall shape and styles of both cars are remarkably similar. That’s likely because the Lamborghini Urus borrows heavily from the Audi Q8. Both cars are built on the same MLB-Evo II architecture and both cars are high-end “coupe-like” performance SUVs that are similar in size. So it only makes sense that both cars would look similar.

The Lamborghini Urus is far more dramatic, with much sharper lines, more angles and more intakes. Just look at the wheel arches on the Urus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wheel arches on a car that have five sides. It’s absurd. But the roofline, aggressively raked C-pillar and flared rear haunches are all quite similar.

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Also, look at the interior, which is so obviously similar. The cabin of the Lamborghini Urus is clearly pulled from the Audi Q8, just with Lamborghini-specific bits added. Admittedly, the folks in Sant’Agata have done a good job making the Urus’ interior seem unique. But even a modestly close look can reveal the similarities between the two. For instance, the touchscreen infotainment system setup and the digital gauge cluster are clearly borrowed from Audi. The steering wheel is also plucked directly from Audi’s current line of cars. I currently have a Q5 on test (review coming soon) and the steering wheel is identical to the Lamborghini’s, except for the badges, of course.

I’ve also heard from one of my sources close to Audi, who recently saw the Q8 in person, said that it’s a bit bigger than the Q7 and far more high-end. The Q8 will also be the sportier, more performance-oriented SUV in the Audi lineup, more so than the Q7. So it will likely have the same powertrain setup as the Lamborghini Urus, just maybe with less power.

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The Urus isn’t a pretty car but we sort of see why it looks the way it does. VW Group really wants the Urus to be a hit, so it’s likely that Lamborghini was given a platform to work with and tried to ‘Lamborghini’ it up. So that’s probably why it looks like a Q8 with added angles.

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