Photo Comparison: Audi Q5 Facelift versus Pre-Facelift

Audi isn’t know for its drastic mid-cycle facelifts, typically erring on the side of caution and reservation. The same can be said about this new Audi Q5 Facelift, which is about as true to the term as it can get. That is until you compare it to the original second-gen Q5, after which you’ll notice that the facelift brings along enough changes to make a substantial difference.


From the front, the newly facelifted Audi Q5 is a far more aggressive car. It gets an entirely new grille design, one more in keeping with the rest of Audi’s lineup, and it also gets all-new headlights. Both of which are slimmer and sleeker than the ones that came before and they help to visually lower the front end of the car.

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While the front end isn’t actually lower, the new updates create a visual affect that makes it seem lower, which in turn makes it looks sportier. Personally, I’m not entirely sure it looks better but it certainly looks more aggressive.


Out back, it gets new taillights but only the lighting elements inside. The actual shape of the taillights themselves haven’t changed but the lighting inside has and it looks much more modern. They’re more high tech now, too. At the bottom of the rear bumper, you might notice a new “exhaust” design. Audi is still sticking with fake exhaust tips but has just redesigned the plastic bits to make it look like the Q5 has quad exhausts. It’s as bit silly but that’s the current world of Audi.

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Inside the newly facelifted Audi Q5, you’ll see a very similar interior, just one with better tech. Gone is the old MMI screen with its ancient rotary dial, replaced by the new Touch Response MMI screen. In place if the rotary dial, which was previously just ahead of the shift lever, is a little cubby.


Also, it seems as if Audi has updated the Touch Response MMI screen, to feature larger tiles to make using the screen while driving that much easier. In addition to the updated Virtual Cockpit, the Q5’s infotainment system will likely be the easiest of Audi’s to use.

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While these updates aren’t drastic individually, they do add up to make a big difference, especially up front and inside. Its new face certainly makes the Audi Q5 stand out more and its new interior tech will make a big impact on how you drive you car. So for any current Q5 owner wondering whether or not they should trade their car in for the new one, it might not be a bad idea.


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