Photo Comparison: Audi e-tron versus Audi e-tron S — See the Sporty Differences

The all-new Audi e-tron S is officially the first-ever sporty electric production car from Audi. It’s a bit ironic that the same brand that created the Ur Quattro, RS2 Avant and R8 V10 debuts its first sporty electric car as an SUV. Regardless of its shape, though, we’re happy its here. More importantly, we’re happy that it looks so good. In fact, the e-tron S might be the best looking Audi SUV on sale.


After seeing the e-tron S, we immediately wanted to see just how different it is to the standard e-tron, a car that was already quite good looking. The standard e-tron is a car that has its issues but its design is not one of them. Having said that, the ‘S’ version takes a good thing and makes it better. So let’s see how they compare.

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[twenty20 img1=”32099″ img2=”32100″ offset=”0.5″ before=”New Audi e-tron S” after=”Standard Audi e-tron”]



Up front, the grille on the Audi e-tron S has been blacked out, the faux air intakes are much larger and the front bumper has gained some black trim. While it’s not drastically different, those small changes add up to make a car that seems much sportier and better looking.


[twenty20 img1=”32096″ img2=”32098″ offset=”0.5″]


Out back, the differences are even smaller. Virtually nothing has changed, except for the silver trim pieces that are now black. However, the bottom trim on the rear bumper turning black has actually helped to visually lower the rear end of the car. That, in combination with its actual lowered ride height, makes it look more athletic.

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[twenty20 img1=”32095″ img2=”32097″ offset=”0.5″]


In profile, it’s the lower ride height, new sportier wheels and gold brake calipers that make the difference. The lowered ride height has the biggest impact, though. That’s aided by larger five-spoke wheels, which look extra aggressive. The fender trim is also body color on the Audi e-tron S, which aids in visually lowering the car. It’s much more athletic from the side, possibly more so that from any other angle.


Note that none of these changes are particularly massive, they’re all quite subtle. But when you add them all up, the sum of their parts is a car that looks better in every single way. And when you consider the fact that the standard e-tron is already a great looking car, this new Audi e-tron S becomes one of the best looking SUVs on sale.

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